Break Free Of Stagnation

Successful corporate professionals like you allow your emotional trigger—the “Trash”—to completely stampede your growth because you’ve never been taught to take out your trash and work past your traumas in a sustainable way.

That’s where Brian’s coaching comes in.

He’s helped business executives, pro athletes and hundreds of other high-performers take concrete, actionable steps to create an extraordinary life—one built on a strategy to work through their triggers that provides the space to be open and vulnerable in a way that’s never been encouraged. Brian gives a no-bullshit, honest, and constructive critique of the trash you’re holding onto—and the encouragement and guidance to take it out. His coaching offers the high energy and genuine encouragement that individuals need to implement simple but powerful concepts to become positive leaders in their businesses, communities and families. Brian’s passion for coaching comes from his innate desire to help others become their most authentic selves. Let him guide you to making your best life even better.

Working with Brian is easy. Just drop him a line below to get connected with his coaching team. They’ll follow up directly with you to discuss your best coaching options.

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Ready to Stand in Your Truth?

Working with Brian is easy. Just drop him a line below to get connected with his coaching team. They’ll follow up directly with you to discuss your best coaching options.



TONY STACY Owner, 3rd Wave Development

I was introduced to Brian a few years ago while on an early morning hike with a couple of friends that we shared in common. His energy and authenticity were evident immediately and I knew it was no accident we were being introduced at exactly the right time. Unbeknownst to him, I was in the late stage planning phase of launching a new hotel development company and for several months I had considered different avenues of placing two-three key people around me who could help me with my new endeavor and most importantly, help me continue growing as a person. After one meeting, I immediately engaged Brian, and our working together coincided with the launch of my company, now known as 3rd Wave Development. I have been thrilled with the exchange of ideas, the focus, no limits, his pureness, his wisdom, and much more. Even though I have been a business owner for many years, this is a relatively new industry for me, and I couldn't be more grateful to have Brian involved and provide value that has exceeded my expectations. The ongoing exchange we share has greatly enhanced the vision of who I can be and what I can be and do for others. He has truly helped me remember, there are no limits other than those we place on ourselves. I am thankful to be able to share my gift with you.

ELISSA KELLY Associate Vice President, Product & Innovation, Nationwide

Brian’s coaching took the self-lead work I had done through the No Limits Playbook to another level. Brian challenged me to dig deeper, think bigger, and at the same time, distill down what was truly important to me. Through his coaching, I was able to create a clear vision and the execution plan to lead a more satisfied professional and personal life. I highly recommend Brian as a coach.

RYAN ORTON Principal, Cresa

My company typically works with executive level clients all over the country assisting them in making educated real estate decisions around labor, economic incentives, and site selection in the Office and Industrial sectors, and our environment is extremely competitive. With a recent transition from Senior Vice President to Principal, and the start of a new team within Cresa, Brian has been extremely helpful in the process of realignment. Most importantly, Brian has an innate ability to see through your BS to dig deeper into the process of uncovering untapped potential. The playbook is a great guide to starting the dialogue between Brian and a client, however, Brian is the talent that can make a difference when taking a deeper dive to uncover a well-rounded vision for each individual with a road map on how to achieve maximum potential.

Trevor Martin Owner & CEO | Noms Bake Shop

Working with Brian has been tremendously valuable, not only in that it has helped me to identify my own patterns of behavior that have inhibited me from maximizing my own efficiency and attaining my goals, but in further identifying and implementing new rituals that serve me better in achieving both my day-to-day and overarching goals. Being more of a "mental sprinter," I work really well with short term pushes, but I struggle with long-term consistency, falling into the same hardwired patterns that I've programmed into my behaviors over the years. With Brian, I was able to get to the root of what my purpose is that drives me, and I have built a foundation and vision of legacy that I can achieve through shorter-term goal-setting. This has been a major win for me, as I am able to constantly go back to my overarching goals and purpose and ensure my current work, short-term goals, and daily behaviors are aligned with what I'm setting out to do.

PHILLIP CRAWFORD Regional Sales Director, Workiva

There are a number of coaches in the market who show up consistently to appointments, ask a logical sequence of questions and allow the individual’s self-discovery to run its course through an agreed time frame. Brian Bogert is not that type of coach, he’s a professional. With a proprietary framework that requires significant upfront effort from his clients, Brian empathetically guides his people as well as holds them accountable to the standards they share with him. He does so in a way that reaffirms the values his clients deem non-negotiable and offers insights to the neuroscience that guide decision making, habits and emotional blocks. In my time working with Brian I have been able to identify certain behaviors and decision patterns that had been delaying the progression of some of my major goals. Partnering with Brian has me on the path toward my purpose professionally and personally. If you are ready to make some life changes and are prepared to be transparent and put in the work, Brian will help you make progress. THANK YOU!

JESSIE GARCIA Chief Strategy Officer, Adelante Healthcare

My work with Brian was positively different than anyone I have worked with before. He not only challenged me to grow my skills as a leader, but also focused on doing it from the inside out. My evolution was not only on how to lead a team or manage work, but how I integrate a balanced self in order to execute and lead authentically. Today I understand my worth and lead with more purpose that translates to my teams as commitment and truth.

JOSEPH K BERG Lockton Companies

I have been in business development and sales for 15 years post graduate school. I envision myself as a likable, trustworthy and energetic person that has a unique ability to open doors and resonate with c-suite. I hired Brian as my personal and professional coach because I was not converting as many opportunities as I knew was required for me to truly succeed. I was on the right track, but the trajectory needed a boost. Working with Brian for only 4 months has taken me on a path of self-discovery that I already recognize as the pivotal moment of my career. Like many sales professionals, my ability to small talk and grind through calls is unquestionable. What was holding me back? An unrefined focus, awareness and intentionality towards my craft. While working with Brian we uncovered root issues that were inhibiting my performance, systematically addressed those issues and are implementing processes to overcome limiting factors. Kicking the training wheels off! Through Brian’s guidance, my daily alignment training has empowered me to re-wire the circuitry of my brain; creating a level of mindfulness and awareness required to reinvent each day as an opportunity to renew my life goals and be intentional in my pursuit.