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There is a sleeping giant in every human. Awakening those giants within and turning them into legends, by helping individuals grab just what’s out of their grasp, is Brian’s purpose in this life. Brian is a heart surgeon without a blade. He does not start outside with what you need to do, he starts inside with who you are. In a world that is disconnected, Brian is revolutionizing how individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs deeply connect with their authentic selves to achieve the best version of themselves.

As a human behavior and performance coach, speaker, and business strategist Brian teaches disruptive strategies on how to create sustainable growth and lasting change personally and professionally. His life philosophies on “how to embrace pain to avoid suffering,” “people before profits,” and “who before what” has helped individuals and companies discover and activate their limitless potential. You can literally feel Brian and his team's authenticity and will be moved by their vision to impact a billion lives by 2045.

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Brian Bogert

Brian’s passion for positive leadership extends beyond his business career and into the nonprofit sector. His driving principle, “if and how I can help” led him to be a founding member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s professional advisory board, the Vinnies. Brian’s philanthropic work includes positions on various other advisory boards and committees like the American Cancer Society, Adelante Healthcare, TGEN, United Blood Services, the YMCA, Scottsdale Leadership, and Valley Leadership. He is also the founder of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Patient and Family Alumni Leadership (PALs) group, which is dedicated to giving patients and families the best experience possible during their treatment. Brian’s injury care at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital was absolutely crucial to his successful recovery, and he is honored to continue to be a part of the hospital’s family. In 2013 Brian took his initiatives a step further by co-creating the mobile app, Simply Sayin' to help children understand confusing medical terms involved in their care. With more than 75,000 downloads in over 100 countries since launch, Brian’s work delivered upon the “if and how I can help'' principle with a lasting legacy for the patients behind him.

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Brian is a proud Phoenix native and even prouder father of two children with his beautiful wife. Being a dad is the most significant part of his life, which helps Brian understand and effectively coach clients to find their best work-life integration. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Redlands.

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