Welcome back everybody! I’m Brian Bogert and I am so excited to be back today for: Episode-37 of Bogert’s Bullets!

Today we are going to talk about: The Power of Your Mind

“The mind is a powerful source! It can enslave us or empower us! It can plunge us to the depths of misery or it can soar us to the heights of ecstasy! Learn to use the power wisely!” Unfortunately, I don’t know the author of that quote but it TOTALLY encapsulates what we’re going to talk about today.

Many of you know my personal story, but for those who don’t I will quickly tell you… When I was 7yrs old, I was run over by a truck and my left arm was severed completely from my body. For the full story, watch episode 2 of Bogert’s Bullets.

For the purpose of today, why that matters is because it taught me the power of the mind at a very early age! When I was 10, I remember watching home videos. Those videos were from earlier in my life before my accident, from ages 2-7. What was very interesting about that moment for me, was that my mind had completely reprogrammed itself so that I did not remember myself as I was seeing myself on the television. Meaning I never remembered myself before my accident, without my arm as it is today. So watching myself with 2 fully functioning arms was quite interesting! It kind of threw me for a loop because my mind did not register what I was seeing on the television even though I knew logically that it was. That was the moment I knew the power of the mind! If the unconscious mind could literally reprogram itself so that I don’t have memories of my arm normal or ‘pre-accident’, what could the power of my mind do if I put some conscious effort into it??

This is something for ALL of us to think about: If we put our thoughts into positive things, things we want to overcome, if we put our thoughts into our goals, the accomplishments, the life we want to live, and the lives we want to impact, IMAGINE WHAT WE COULD DO! Versus the negative mind and letting it funnel us down into the depths of misery. When we’re faced with adversity, challenges, or struggles in our life, or if we’re just trying to move forward, sometimes the mind is too powerful for itself and it prevents us from moving forward. That’s where YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL! Because the mind is such a powerful source, YOU HAVE TO HARNESS THE ENERGY! YOU have got to give the direction and the focus, otherwise the mind can stray and the unconscious mind can take over. This is just a simple tweak. The power of the mind is one of the most powerful forces in the world! How can you take this simple lesson and apply it to YOUR LIFE? What small adjustments and little things can you focus on, and how can you apply them to the power of your mind? Your mind is either your greatest weapon or your greatest weakness! YOU CHOOSE!