Speaking Testimonials

To those wanting to be inspired,

On May 26, at a Release the Fear's "Uncork Your Fear" event, Brian Bogert was our guest speaker. His delivery was more than a bunch of thoughts or words. He really engaged and challenged the over 45 attendees to go within to discover their true power.

Brian opened the audience to a life changing experience, he engaged us to stretch our thoughts and provided a road map for even greater achievement. Words cannot describe how enthusiastic and empowered his words made other people feel. All of that wonderful energy is certainly put to good use, and he makes it such fun, with his sense of humor. We express our gratitude to him for being able to share this experience, knowledge, and expertise with us. The over whelming response from each of Release the Fear's guests were left with enthusiasm as he inspired each to take control of our own future. In hearing him speak you can truly see his unbridled passion and desire to help others help themselves and go within to bring the best of the best to the world around them.

This experience gave me the opportunity to remind myself to be all that I am capable of being and beyond.

Thank you for Believing,

Robert J. Miley
Robert J. Miley CEO & Founder - RELEASE THE FEAR, INC.

We were lucky enough to have Brian come in to our Uber office in Phoenix and delight our staff with his expertise on performance, goal-setting, and living by the "if" and "how" principles. Brian was able to quickly shift his message based upon the millennial audience in front of him and craft a very powerful conversation that left our Uber employees energized and thinking about how to set successful "I am" statements to better their lives. The passion and story-telling that he brings to the table is impressive to say the least! Brian is certainly welcome into our offices anytime!

John Hamby
John Hamby Uber PHX Operations Manager

What my coaching clients are saying

I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Brian, and spend some of the most valuable hours of my life with him.

Brian taught me some of the most important core values one could have in life; to live life with high intent, to have an abundance mentality, and to never be attached to the outcome.

I would compare working with Brian to working with a world class personal trainer. The reason you know you made the correct decision to work with Brian is because executing on what he will coach you to do is harder than anything you'll ever do, yet it is simple, as is the concept of losing weight. If you hire a personal trainer, and you get home from the gym and you're not tired, you should wonder why the hell you hired that trainer. Executing on the concepts laid out by Brian will never leave you wondering if you should have hired him. You WILL achieve extraordinary results, and you will be become a person better than you could ever imagine doing so.

Thank YOU Brian for bringing value to my life, and as a result impacting the lives of thousands of other lives by doing so!

Mark Temperato
Mark Temperato

I was introduced to Brian nearly one year ago while on a early morning hike with a couple of friends we share in common. His energy and authenticity were evident immediately and I knew it was no accident we were being introduced at exactly the right time.

Unbeknownst to him, I was in the late stage planning phase of launching a new hotel development company and for several months I had considered different avenues of placing two-three key people around me who could help me with my new endeavor and most importantly, help me grow as a person.

After one meeting, I engaged Brian, and our working together coincided with the launch of Suntoro Partners. I have been thrilled with the exchange of ideas, the focus, no limits, his pureness, and much more. Even though I have been a business owner for many years, this is a relatively new industry for me, and I couldn't be more grateful to have Brian involved and providing value that has exceeded my expectations.

The ongoing exchange we share has greatly enhanced the vision of who I can be and what I can do for others. He has truly helped me remember, there are no limits other than those we place on ourselves.

I am thankful to be able to share my gift with you.

Tony Stacy
Tony Stacy Founder Suntoro Partners

The concept of paying for a professional coach was always a hard one for me to grasp. Why pay X when I could invest it somewhere else that has more direct results? Also, the thought of talking to a Tony Robbins-esque person twice per month was nauseating.

However, once I met Brian and consulted with him for less than 30 minutes, I knew I had to give it a try. We have been working together since October 2015, and if I look back on the past 7 months I see tremendous growth in a lot of aspects in my life and in business. Previously, I had been very successful in my career in financial services, but I still had a ton of bad habits that plagued me from getting to the next level. Brian and I have been able to deeply identify where I can improve to achieve exponential results and so far it is paying off. My investment business YTD has grown 300%, I currently weigh the least I’ve been in over 7 years, and I couldn’t feel more happy about the habits I’ve come to build and maintain.

Now, it’s obvious all of the work to get there has come from my own efforts, but I firmly believe without Brian’s help I would not have found the inspiration and discipline. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth and completely genuine dude to help provide expertise on the areas of business/life you’re lacking—Brian is your guy.

Chris Haigh
Chris Haigh CFP, CLU,ChFC Financial Advisor Christopherhaigh.nm.com

Brian is a top notch coach. He pays particular attention to every detail and holds you accountable to yourself and your goals. He stays on top of you and your progress without being pushy and annoying. Not only is he my go to guy to bounce business ideas off of , he also helps me keep on track with my family life , balance is big with Brian, but the most important thing is that he cares, I consider Brian my friend and he has pulled me out of more ruts then I can count. He's the real deal.

Patrick Denis
Patrick Denis Owner Cars For Us

What My Group Seminar Clients are Saying

Brian Bogert’s energetic and passionate presentations inspire people to do more and be more. Valley Leadership, Arizona’s premier leadership development program, is fortunate to have such an authentic, dynamic leader share his talents with participants of our multigenerational programming.

Sophia Mayberry
Sophia Mayberry Program Manager, Valley Leadership