Welcome back everybody! I’m Brian Bogert and I am so excited to back today for Episode- 44 of Bogert’s Bullets!

Today we’re going to talk about: Success??

First and foremost, WHAT IS SUCCESS?? I get into too many conversations with people who say they are not successful, or that they wish they were successful, or they are not as successful as they’d like to be. But when asked the question, “How do you define success?”, they cannot answer the question. That led me to a thought process: How do we define success? Who defines success and how are we measuring it for both ourselves and other people? The dictionary defines it as: a favorable or prosperous determination of attempts or endeavours. The completion of one’s goals. So, if it’s as vague as that, how are we defining success? Is it success in business, is it success in fitness, is it success financially, with material things, with relationships?

I’ve got a buddy who’s the president of a very large advertising agency. What he has told me is that essentially, what he’s learned through his years in advertising, is that “Measuring is bullshit! We don’t have the capacity nor ability to determine how to measure success. What are the parameters we are looking at?” I thought that was pretty insightful! For someone who’s constantly challenged to try and measure success based on campaigns and demographics, looking at what was successful and what wasn’t, he felt that we ultimately don’t have that ability.

So if that same thought process can be applied to our own lives, what is success?? Are we as individuals using external factors or other people’s opinions to tell us that we either are or are not successful? Or are we saying that if we have successful completion of our attempts and endeavours, and accomplish our goals, that that makes us successful? I think the biggest reason people don’t feel successful is because they are using someone else’s definition or they cannot define it themselves! So no matter what you are doing in life, I guarantee you that you’re successful! You’ve got to give yourself the ability and credit for the things you’re doing well and the way that you’re moving your life forward! The secondary piece to that is- What success is important in our lives? We talked about success with fitness, financially, with material things, in business, with your family and relationships. The reality of it is, whichever one of those categories that is important to you, is all that matters for you to measure! If there isn’t a predetermined definition of success, SET YOUR OWN! Stop listening to what the world says success is or should be! Take control of it yourself and believe that YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL!

Remember, define your own success and GO GET IT!