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It’s time to get fired up. Whether you have a conference, special event or seminar on the books, Brian Bogert is your best choice for a keynote speaker. Brian’s unique approach ignites passion and focus in your audience through clear, concise lessons that can be immediately applied to work endeavors, personal growth and even relationships.

Brian’s keynote addresses create a genuine connection with your audience that helps activate the most relevant key to their success: finding their most authentic selves. His personal story of perseverance and resilience, combined with his professional path of untethered growth, will not only keep your guests on the edge of their seats, it will empower them to break beyond their normal. Bring Brian into your event lineup, and give your audience renewed purpose and actionable steps to create a life they’ve always wanted.

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John Hamby

John Hamby

Ex-Uber Executive

We were lucky enough to have Brian come in to our Uber office in Phoenix and delight our staff with his expertise on performance, goal-setting, and living by the "if" and "how" principles. Brian was able to quickly shift his message based upon the millennial audience in front of him and craft a very powerful conversation that left our Uber employees energized and thinking about how to set successful "I am" statements to better their lives. The passion and story-telling that he brings to the table is impressive to say the least!

Lindsay Moellenberndt

Lindsay Moellenberndt

Founder, A-Z Biz Link |

"We were fortunate to have Brian cover the topic of Self-Awareness at one of our 2019 A-Z Biz Link Leadership events. Brian is a great storyteller and his delivery style keeps the entire room engaged in the conversation. His messages are uplifting and impactful. As you might expect, we received rave reviews from our Self-Awareness event attendees. We look forward to brining him back to host future conversations."

Robert Miley

Robert J. Miley


Brian opened the audience to a life changing experience, he engaged us to stretch our thoughts and provided a road map for even greater achievement. Words cannot describe how enthusiastic and empowered his words made other people feel. All of that wonderful energy is certainly put to good use, and he makes it such fun, with his sense of humor.

Rick Dircks

Rick Dircks

Executive VP | Dircks Moving & Logistics

When we held our Annual Sales Retreat for the Team at Dircks, I was looking for a keynote speaker that could speak to our folks that was entertaining, inspiring and most importantly, leave them with a message that they could use to improve their craft as a salesperson, as well as a person.

Brian absolutely knocked it out of the park!   His delivery was comfortable and enthusiastic.  His content was absolutely on point, as he guided us on a journey to better results and becoming a better person.  He blended in stories to bolster his message, which made his presentation that much more compelling.  I was watching the eyes in the room on him and was amazed how everybody was so intently fixated on him.

I was also extremely impressed on how he had done his homework on our company and was able to personalize his presentation to us.  I’ve heard so many speakers attempt to do this and fail miserably.  His ability to blend our organization into his topics made his points so much more real and hard hitting.

I’d highly recommend Brian to any group that is looking for a keynote speaker that will leave his audience wanting more and inspired to accomplish great things when they’re finished listening to him.

Ilana Lowery

Ilana Lowery

Arizona Director | Common Sense

"I have heard Brian speak and the room was captivated by his storytelling! It wasn't just because he is empowering and enthusiastic, but his enthusiasm was contagious, and his passion for life, family and community is inspiring. He makes you think about your own life experiences and how to bring perspective to difficult situations. Brian's energetic nature shines when he's on a stage!"

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Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks

I recently had Brian Bogert on my podcast and thoroughly enjoyed his heart, mind, and professionalism. He's able to not only tell his story in a powerful way that captivates your ears but his charisma and ability to teach lessons from his story grabs your mind as well. Brian is the kind of guest that easily elevates the quality of your podcast.

Karen Worstell

Karen Worstell

Founder, MOJO Maker for Women in Tech.

“Brian Bogert's episode on embracing pain to avoid suffering is easily one of the most downloaded episodes in our series on MOJO Maker for Womxn in Tech.  His story is compelling to our audience.  He brings a speaking style that is exceptionally clear, flows well in a conversational style, maintains a high level of energy and conveys both his authority and empathy.  Definitely one of my favorite sessions.  I highly recommend Brian as a podcast guest.”

Shannon Connery, Ph.D

Shannon Connery, PH.D.

“Brian Bogert’s message is both inspiring and real. He teaches people the necessity of approaching pain in order to avoid suffering. I have been using this in my own life and with my clients with great success. His story will make you realize that we are all capable of doing things that seem impossible.”

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Casanova Brooks

Brian came onto the DreamNation Podcast and delivered an amazing message that was not only thought provoking and inspiring, but authentic and relevant. He teaches people the Philosophy of embracing pain to avoid suffering which I thought was one of the most impactful segments and a huge take a way anyone can apply to their life.

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