Welcome back everybody! I’m Brian Bogert and I am so excited to be back today for: Episode-39 of Bogert’s Bullets!


Today we are going to talk about: Giving!!


One of the most important principles of success, of building relationships, of living in this world, is to be giving; giving of your time, of your energy, of your money, giving of your resources, your connections, giving of WHATEVER it is that you are able to give and then making sure that the intent is in the right place!


Mother Teresa once said, “It does not matter how much we give, it matters how much love we put into giving!” So no matter what you’re doing, or how you’re giving, always make sure that the intent is in the right place, that the energy is in the right place, and that you are doing it for the right reasons! I guarantee you that if you do that, the impact on your life will be profound!


One of the best ways to create a fulfilling life and leave a lasting legacy, is to be giving! Many of you have heard me talk about my ‘If and How Principle’. This is one of the basic tenants of the ‘If and How Principle’: it’s to determine if and how you can help other people. However, when that happens you have to actually be in a position to give and follow thru. It doesn’t matter what you’re giving, when you determine if and how you can help and you genuinely care to answer that question, you’re going to have to be in a position to give on the back end. The most beautiful part of giving is when it comes from the right place, it really does come full circle! It’s actually quite magical when you do things on a pretty big level. When you live abundantly and you give all of those things we already listed, THINGS JUST HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE! Connections are created, relationships are grown, success in business, in personal lives, within the community; stuff just happens!


I ask you, when was the last time you gave something? Maybe you’ve recently given something to someone you know, but when was the last time you gave something to someone you DON’T know? When was the last time you went out of your way to do something genuine and kind for another person? Sometimes giving is big. Sometimes it’s leading capital campaigns that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for community organizations. Sometimes it’s small; maybe just buying a cup of coffee for someone or holding the elevator for someone who’s running with their arms full. GIVING IS ACTIONS THAT ARE GREATER THAN YOURSELF! Find a way to give! Go impact the life of another person and see the impact it has on YOUR life!