Today we are going to talk about: TURNING IN

All problems can become smaller when you don’t dodge them but you confront them! ‘Turning in’ is the idea of not shying away from challenges, not shying away from discomfort, not shying away from growth opportunities, or breakthrough moments that could exist in your day.  ‘Turning in’ is literally just that, TURNING IN; turning in with your energy, turning in with your thought process, turning in with your ideas, desires, and passions, to be able to uncover and break through those situations.  So many of us retreat when faced with confrontation.  So many of us retreat when we get uncomfortable.  We avoid or we procrastinate, we don’t really address the problem at hand.  Turning in is the idea of doing just the opposite, turning into the idea and really attacking it right in the moment!   I am talking about truly discovering what the uncomfortable feeling is that you are getting, what the conflict is, what you need to break through, and putting all of your energy and thoughts into discovering how to get through that.  It’s focusing on the solutions instead of on the problems.  ALSO, it’s not letting growth opportunities go just because it’s uncomfortable.  This happens EVERYDAY in relationships and in conversations.  Those of you that are in a sales or development role know this all too well- Buyers are liars and oftentimes we know in our gut that they’re not telling us exactly what needs to be said, but frankly what they think we want to hear.  I know as sales people, to get to the next level, to break through to those opportunities, you’ve got to turn into that.  Turn in and really set the stage for an opportunity and for trust in that environment.  You need to really set the stage so that they understand that you truly have high intent to be able to figure out if and how you can help that person.  But if they’re not telling you something, and you feel like there’s a little discomfort in the moment, don’t lose the opportunity to find a way to approach and address that, to have a conversation about it. Too often I see people shy away from it and feel like they had a really good meeting, walk away, and don’t really uncover what’s really most important.  Guess what?  That prospect goes quiet.  They go radio silent all of a sudden and you can’t explain it.  It was that little bit of discomfort that you picked up on in that meeting and didn’t address in the moment. You see, by turning in with the right energy, you actually create a stronger trust between you and that prospect.  Regardless of the outcome, you’ll have the ability to gain answers and they will have the ability to gain clarity.  Then, ‘what will be, will be’, but you both left it all on the table because YOU had the courage to turn in!  

THIS idea of turning in is 1 example but it really exists in everything that we do.  So how can you challenge yourself?  Instead of shying away from an opportunity or dodging a problem, how can you turn in and confront it?  Additionally, how can you do it from a genuine place, with the right energy, so you get the best outcome? (Particularly when it involves other people.)  If it involves just yourself and a barrier that you’ve reached in your life, that’s when you attack, that’s when you go at it because you don’t have to worry about the impressions of others!!  Absolutely push yourself to that next level!  SO I’d just ask yourself, when faced with confrontation, whether by yourself or in a conversation with other people, do you dodge it or do you turn in?  I challenge you to turn in!  The problem becomes easier, the growth becomes faster, and you will identify breakthrough moments in YOUR life.