Welcome back everybody! I’m Brian Bogert and we are here today with Episode-40 of Bogert’s Bullets!

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Go not where the path may lead you, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Too often in life people get caught up with other people’s paths to success. They look at someone and say, “Oh! I wish I could do that!” and they try to emulate everything that person has done. They’re not recognizing that there’s unique talents, there’s unique skills, and unique aspects about that person that have allowed them to be successful. Tactics and techniques can be replicable, but the personal influence on both of those things is not! So if you’re looking for a way to replicate success, look to replicate those tactics and techniques but understand that you’re going to have to put your own influence on it! Whatever you do, you have got to be sure that YOU ARE BEING YOU! You’ve got to leave YOUR IMPACT, you’ve got to BLAZE YOUR TRAIL! If you copy someone else’s tactics and techniques without applying your influence on it, it’s not going to seem authentic or genuine.

Some of the most successful people I’ve ever met have learned from those who have blazed the trail before them. Not just from one person, from multiple people who have blazed their own trails. They took tactics and techniques from each one of them and applied their own influence to make it their own! They have learned to shorten the curve to success. This is possible for anybody to do, but understand that YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE YOUR IMPACT AND BLAZE YOUR TRAIL!

So how are you learning from others? Are you trying to copy and replicate the tactics or techniques that they use and do it just the way they do? Or are you trying to learn from other’s tactics and techniques and apply your own influence to have some success? Recognize what you can learn from others. Learn from those that have blazed the trail before you, but make sure that whatever you do, DO IT FOR YOU, do it your way, leave your impact on the world, and that YOU BLAZE YOUR TRAIL!