Apparel Brian Bogert

All profits made from our apparel will be donated to community and non-profit organizations which will change quarterly. We are happy to highlight this quarter's non-profit.

The Middle Passage Ceremonies and Port Markers Project (MPCPMP) is a non-profit tax-exempt organization established in 2011 to honor the two million captive Africans who perished during the transatlantic crossing known as the Middle Passage and the ten million who survived to build the Americas.

We have partnered with Bonfire to sell and manage the donations to the MPCPMP.

Each of our shirts are available in a variety of colors (indigo, grey, charcoal, and white). We have multiple designs and different styles available. Hover over the shirts to see the back. Click to purchase!

Infinity (Men)

Infinity (Ladies)

Infinity Shirt Ladies

No Limits (Men)

No Limits Block Text Shirt

No Limits (Ladies)

No Limits Block Text Ladies

Embrace Pain (Men)

Embrace Pain Shirt Men

Embrace Pain (Ladies)

Embrace Pain Ladies

Gain Freedom (Men)

Men Gain Freedom Shirt

Gain Freedom (Ladies)

Gain Freedom Ladies Shirt

No Limits Dark (Men)

No limits dark men

No Limits Dark (Ladies)

No Limits Shirt Dark Ladies

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