Today, we are going to talk about: Alignment

Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet; thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing consistently!  Stresses or lack of improvement come from a place of misalignment.  When your goals, your thoughts, actions, and your statements are misaligned, there is no way for you to be able to move forward. There is no way to operate from a complete place of authenticity.  Oftentimes in life, I think we underplay the importance of alignment or we don’t seek to look for alignment in our lives.  Even when we do look for it or seek it, there’s blindspots. Just recently I had an interaction that made me realize that some of my actions were not completely aligned with who I was authentically.  They were not completely inline with what I was trying to accomplish in my life with my goals, and my vision.  It was a complete blind spot to me.  Even though I am a coach, I also have opportunities to get coached on a daily basis.  I am looking for opportunities, insights, lessons, and interactions with others that can give me some perspective on the way that I can grow.  So outside of the coaching I receive formerly, I also have the opportunity to push myself.  That type of experience happened earlier this week.  Like I told you, I thought that I was completely dialed in, I thought I had something else coming from the right place, but I realized there really was a misalignment.  In life, no matter how relentless we are and no matter how much we drive towards that, there is no possible way for us to represent our most authentic self.  There’s no possible way for us to have an impact and resonate out into the world in a way that we think is most important to us or what our original vision was to do if we are misaligned. You’ve heard me talk about it in many videos.  A lot of these concepts are universal to everything: professional, fitness, nutrition, relationships.  Everyday interactions that we can’t even foresee, are oftentimes going to come back to this basic concept we talked about in Bogert’s Bullets.  Alignment is probably one of the most important ones.  

Are your visions, your goals, your actions, your thoughts, your statements, your feelings, all in alignment with what you want to accomplish in your life?  Are they in alignment with who you think you really are and who you want to represent in the world?  If they’re not, I challenge you to take a step back and discover how you could get them back in alignment.  That’s how you represent your most authentic self. That’s how you create a magnetism and an energy that brings the world to you instead of you going to the world.   You can be putting yourself in a position to help others and demonstrate that authenticity. If you have alignment in your life, good for you, keep it rolling!  But I challenge you to look for blind spots and make sure that alignment stays consistent as you move forward!