My Story

“What happened to your arm?”

I have told the story so many times that startled looks and speechless reactions don’t phase me one bit.

Success Coach Brian Bogert

As a child, I quickly realized that anyone who asked, “What happened to your arm?” expected to hear about a playground accident or sports injury...

not the raw truth: “I got run over by a truck and my arm was torn off.” Needless to say, I never let what could have been a lifelong handicap slow me down.

Miraculous healing from a fully detached (and re-attached) arm taught me early in life that focus, discipline and proactivity are the ointment that binds to success.

Today, I am a peak performance coach to business executives, professional athletes and other high-capacity, growth-minded individuals.

I live my life by the “if and how I can help” principle, which impacts everything I touch. My ability to provide energy and encouragement to those I interact with inspiring them to make their best even better. Conceptual and sequential thinking, coupled with simple implementable concepts, are what I teach as the foundation for becoming a positive leader across business, community and family.

In addition to performance coaching, I help lead and expand the Phoenix office of Lockton Companies – a global insurance brokerage firm. My deep expertise and community-minded focus make me a strategic advocate for helping people protect and build their business. Prior to joining Lockton, I was responsible for mentoring new producers across the nation at a publicly traded brokerage firm. I have been recognized as one of “40 Under 40” by the Phoenix Business Journal and regularly as a top performer in the Southwest.

I am a founding member of The Vinnies – a professional advisory board that I helped populate with motivated members who are advancing the philanthropic capacity of St Vincent de Paul. I also serve on the boards or advisory committees of United Blood Services, the YMCA, Scottsdale Leadership, Valley Leadership and I am the founder of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Patient & family Alumni Leadership (PALs) group – the very hospital that so carefully aided my healing with an expectation of excellence. In 2013, I co-created a mobile app to help children understand confusing medical terms involved in their care. With more than 12,000 downloads in over 100 countries, my work delivered upon the “if and how I can help” principle with a lasting legacy for the patients behind me.

I am a Phoenix native and proud father of two young children with my beautiful wife. Being a dad is the most meaningful thing I have ever done, and I understand well the importance of work-life integration that so many clients seek. I believe with focus and intentionality you can have it all!

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Redlands.

The story

This is a brief special done on me in 2009.It succinctly tells my story and integrates two of my beliefs: The mind is a powerful thing and anything is possible with focus.